Importance of Consumer Behavior in Marketing Trends

Consumer Behavior Examining consumer behavior is crucial as it helps marketers to fathom the needs of their buyers to enable influencing customer purchase decisions. It would be a failure for a business if it is unable to meet the demands of its consumers as every customer holds varied opinions about the products. As the market […]

Impact of E-marketing on Consumer Purchase Decision

In the past, people used to visit shops every day physically to purchase products. Gradually, with advancements in technology, consumers have reduced the number of visits to the stores as the online purchasing system has taken control of the current market system. Customers today prefer to shop online from the comfort of their homes rather […]

Importance of Customer Retention in E-commerce

Every e-commerce store holds great value for its customers. An organization is more likely to attract 40% of existing consumers than new ones and acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. It is crucial for existing customers to be aware of the brand, its identity, and the brand […]

Environmental Sustainability in the Post-Pandemic Digital Era

The world has changed in several ways post-pandemic and has disrupted functions of several factors of the environment. It also leveraged the businesses to gauge how their functions affect the planet in various manners. For the last couple of years, organizations have been consistently managing their functioning agenda to ensure considering sustainability in the market […]

Fair Digital Finance for more consumer centric rights

Acknowledging and recognizing the rights of consumers and encouraging more awareness and knowledge-gathering on consumer rights is becoming even more crucial today. Every year, Consumers Rights Day is celebrated with a theme to focus on pressing issues faced by consumers. A day is set aside to remind consumers about their rights. A quick flashback shows […]

Media Consumption Habits

There have been changes in media consumption habits driven by the emergence and popularity of multiple online platforms. Indian consumers have upscaled the learning curve to become more acceptable to the new and emerging platforms for entertainment, information, and social connection. Dabbling between platforms often fueled by more disposable time during the pandemic, there has […]

Top 5 Technologies Influencing Market in 2022

Technology has been the mainstay of business and humanity at large as the pandemic ravaged the planet over the last two years. Digital media, technology-led insights, Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, automation, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and many more have brought a strategic & marketing revolution. Pushed in the corner, every brand is now getting on the digital bandwagon. […]

How Will Big Data Advantage Aid Marketers And Study Consumer Spending Behaviour?

Data are just summaries of thousands of stories–tell a few of those stories to help make the data meaningful.” – Chip and Dan Heath, authors of “Made to Stick” and “Switch. “ Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and every other social media giant authenticate this thought repeatedly. The conception of these brands may have been in a […]

The Gennie Effect: Online Grocery and Quick Delivery

Music to a company’s ears must be, hands down, “my brand is a household name.” the sheer ecstasy of being confident that your product is always in demand among the customers. So much that their lives will get into a standstill if that brand’s product or service doesn’t reach them. The concept of getting essential […]