Consumer Enchantment

The idea of magic is intriguing for only one reason, it ultimately leads to instant gratification. The concept is formed out of making things happen by snapping fingers, saying it out loud or even by just thinking about it. Everyone wants to be the magician to create that magic for themselves on their own. While others want Genies and Wizards working at their disposal. Though it seems mythical, the unimaginable is becoming everyday reality with the advent of technological advancements and innovations.

Brands have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the magic of their products and services keep the customers spellbound. And that spell of enchantment is casted by the responsiveness and compassions of customer services.

The familial community to becreated after acquiring new clients requires equal if not more attention to details. The brands in the Indian market diaspora are enough to confuse people in terms of where their loyalties lie. The consumer has the option to now switch without a second thought. One snip in the customer service may permanently colour the customer’s view of a brand and business. Conversely, one phenomenal experience might transform them into staunch brand supporters. Rapid brainstorming sessions, combined with the use of new technology, have made instant gratification of consumer demands a reality.

The threshold of time taken to get a problem fixed varies from industry to industry. It is standard when a car takes a week to come back from its regular servicing. But taking the same amount of time to fix the Wi-Fi is simply outrageous.

The integration of all the channels for faster and better communication with the customers, though costly, creates an inductive reason among them to become the advocates of the brand. If an automotive brand can create the familial cocooning comfort of ensuring that under no circumstance will the customer have any inconvenience for the repairs of their cars, then nothing is better than that. The benchmark created is exceptionally high for the competitors to meet for the customer to break royalty with such empathetic reassurance. The service is no longer simply about assurance and promise; it has now advanced to include a layer of empathy and commitment, which the astute digital customer is aware of and appreciates. There is a requirement to unlock and use these codes that will assist you connect better.

In order to navigate these evolving actualised needs of one’s purchasers require a deeper dive into their psyche with the right approach and tools. A marketer’s Philosopher’s Stone is by today’s time the strategic measures planned by insights from Market Research. The frequency of changes in the world is at an unfathomable speed that requires periodic insights to progress into providing a warmers sense towards a brand for its consumers to stay.