Bracing up for the forthcoming Market Research Trends in 2023

Market Research

The year 2022 witnessed unprecedented disruptions, with brands prioritising consumer behaviour and sentiment, bringing technology-driven market research, automation, and AI to the forefront.  The futurists that belong to the realm of research and insights believe that the future is now. There are a plethora of untapped technologies and advancements that once unleashed, will have the […]

How Do Micro Influencers Impact Modern Marketing?

Modern Marketing

The Internet’s reach today has enabled the world to connect within a few clicks. This has provided businesses a broad market reach and connected with their prospective customers globally. Earlier, only influencers with a higher reach were contacted. However, marketers today are able to gain market profits by promoting their products and services with micro-influencers […]

Is Freebie Marketing Useful for Businesses?

Freebie Marketing

Free gifts giveaway is a marketing strategy several brands use to attract the attention of new consumers. Freebie marketing is a method adopted by brands by offering free gifts when consumers make a purchase. This is done to both increase brand awareness and to also increase sales. Companies often choose between a very hard-discounted product […]

Brand measurement is a key component in the modern marketing strategy

Brand measurement

In today’s competitive world, business owners have to be concerned about how people perceive their brands. To measure the success of a brand, it is essential to know how customers interact with it. This can be achieved by using various market research tools such as surveys, focus groups, and other forms of communication. Brands are […]

5 Methods to Adapt to Implement Gender Equality in Your Workplace

Diversity is vital in every organization. In a workspace, you will find employees from diverse cultures and experiences who come together as a team to establish unique ideas for the business to thrive. Recently, UNICEF has announced a gender policy 2021-2030 presenting the vision for gender equality in its programs, workplaces, and various other practices […]

Your Go-to Handbook for Uncovering Worthy Insights

Your Go-to Handbook for Uncovering Worthy Insights

Well, people generally talk from their subconscious minds, and while the purpose of conducting surveys is to derive unmoderated insights, dishonesty tarnishes these results. This usually happens when respondents lack a certain amount of knowledge or do not wish to answer correctly. To increase self-worth with inflated responses, being defensive, sharing socially acceptable answers, being […]

What is the status of Rural Health in India?

Miles to go before we sleep We have reached a point in time when surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) health care has become the most important sector that exists today. History will remember this period as a time when everything stopped for almost 2 years! This time that we have experienced has also taught […]

What role does marketing have to play in a sustainable future?


Transparent and Consumer focused marketing In today’s challenging yet stimulating & unpredictable yet exciting times, there are a host of opportunities. This is the apt time to lead towards a better and more sustainable tomorrow and marketing has a key role to play in this. In the past, marketers have been accused of creating false […]

A compounding battle over the privacy of data

Data Privacy

From Apple introducing pop-ups seeking permission to be tracked by diverse applications to Google planning to disable tracking technology in the web browser, the efforts are toward a bigger picture – a compounding battle over the privacy of data. First and foremost, data privacy is not data security. A thin line difference, where data security […]