Invention, Innovation, and Creativity; Spot the Difference

Invention, Innovation, and creativity; spot the difference.

Innovation has always been the stepping stone for every brand, irrespective of the category. In the fast-changing dynamics and disruptions in the current era, there’s an escalated requirement for them to innovate differently. Interestingly, according to several studies, only one out of five products meet customer expectations, which further necessitates the need for meaningful ideas […]

Emerging Trends and Challenges in the FMCG Sector

Emerging Trends

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is witnessing a robust transition due to the Covid-19 pandemic, rising demand for more convenience, and the changing dynamics of customer behavior. The aforesaid factors have accelerated many FMCG industry trends, bringing to the surface digitalization, and heightened consumer awareness about health, and environmental consciousness.  The FMCG sector in […]

Bracing up for the forthcoming Market Research Trends in 2023

Market Research

The year 2022 witnessed unprecedented disruptions, with brands prioritising consumer behaviour and sentiment, bringing technology-driven market research, automation, and AI to the forefront.  The futurists that belong to the realm of research and insights believe that the future is now. There are a plethora of untapped technologies and advancements that once unleashed, will have the […]

Thanksgiving Festivities and Retail Therapy: Global Market Stimulants


The retail market is being taken by storm, owing to the buzz and perks of the most celebrated days worldwide. Both these days go hand in hand. With the Black Friday Sale falling just after Thanksgiving Day, people are immersed in a whole different mood of spreading love, being grateful, reflecting, reminiscing and the cheery […]

Eating Out Behaviour: Dine-out Delight or Decline?

2020-21, People were deprived of their joy of relishing the taste buds at desired frequency and restaurants of their choice, that resulted in major changes to their dietary habits. Mornings begin, afternoons indulge, evenings pass, and nights crave. From nibbling to hogging, all habits change in terms of what, when, where, and how food is […]

The Gennie Effect: Online Grocery and Quick Delivery

Music to a company’s ears must be, hands down, “my brand is a household name.” the sheer ecstasy of being confident that your product is always in demand among the customers. So much that their lives will get into a standstill if that brand’s product or service doesn’t reach them. The concept of getting essential […]