Data Redefined: The Future of Research through Smart Surveys

Data Redefined The Future of Research through Smart Surveys

Amidst the fluid nature of the digital world, it’s imperative for brands to consistently align with their consumers or prospective audience at every stage. As consumer behaviours continually evolve, staying attuned to real-time insights and trends becomes essential for brands. This is precisely where market research plays its pivotal role. The lessons from recent years […]

The New Product Development Process: Stages and Expert Tips

The New Product Development Process Stages and Expert Tips

In the dynamic world of business, maintaining a competitive edge necessitates continuous innovation and the launch of new products tailored to changing consumer demands. The pivotal role of the new product development process lies in crafting successful products that deeply connect with the target market. This blog delves into the stages of this process, from […]

Invention, Innovation, and Creativity; Spot the Difference

Invention, Innovation, and creativity; spot the difference.

Innovation has always been the stepping stone for every brand, irrespective of the category. In the fast-changing dynamics and disruptions in the current era, there’s an escalated requirement for them to innovate differently. Interestingly, according to several studies, only one out of five products meet customer expectations, which further necessitates the need for meaningful ideas […]

Mounting Pressure on Startups

Mounting Pressure on Startups

Indian Startups & Unicorns Focus on Cost Cutting with layoffs With the deterioration of the funding environment in the recent past, since the beginning of 2022, close to 10000 startup employees have been impacted by cutbacks, termination of contracts and layoffs. Well-funded startups have also taken the path of downsizing their teams. Companies are citing […]