The Gennie Effect: Online Grocery and Quick Delivery

Music to a company’s ears must be, hands down, “my brand is a household name.” the sheer ecstasy of being confident that your product is always in demand among the customers. So much that their lives will get into a standstill if that brand’s product or service doesn’t reach them.

The concept of getting essential items delivered at doorstep with a click of a button was laughable hoax almost a decade ago, for the buyers. But the digital domain took it up as a challenge and made the consumers’ dream come true. The penetration of grocery retailing in a consumer’s phone has taken the shape of Online grocery retailing offering same day delivery.

But today, the fastness of the internet has made the consumers even more impatient. In 2021, waiting for a whole day for daily household items to be delivered is now old news. To this, app-based E-grocers have revolutionized the market with 30 minutes delivery. Reducing the consumer effort considerably leading to inevitable increase in downloads, enhanced usage, and engagement.

An optimized network of micro-warehousing in strategically researched consumer hubs by timely analysis of their buying behaviour and basket items. Considerably reducing the hassle of unnecessary expenses with logistic to form the blueprint for optimized marketing interventions and campaigning of schemes and discounts.

With focus on setting up micro-warehouses, the e-commerce players are fully geared up to address the impatient customer.

Market research becomes the key aspect for retail players to acquire valuable insights to address their pain points. Scalable understanding of customer behaviour of various cohorts supported by consumer experience and NPS to check the uptake and inclination for platform uptake.

Comprehensive market research gives an edge to its players with

  • Collaborations with Micro-fulfilment centres for inputs on popular delivery hours
  • Studying average basket size per household for each selected catchment
  • Competitor study and intuitive research
  • Opportunity to upscale or include categories of interest
  • Monitoring efficacy of running and proposed schemes and discounts
  • Cohort Analysis e.g., Retired, working professionals

Market Xcel with its expertise effectively gathering and profoundly analysing consumer data, provides fruitful partnership to shareholders. Providing insights to debunk the trends of quick consumption and optimized retail networking based on efficient use of surveys, workshops, etc. Market Xcel with a reliable on-ground team with proficiency in handling large quantum of data creates the ideal roadmap to track consumer behaviour for online grocer retailing optimization.

Research Article By: Market Xcel