Top 5 Technologies Influencing Market in 2022

Technology has been the mainstay of business and humanity at large as the pandemic ravaged the planet over the last two years. Digital media, technology-led insights, Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, automation, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and many more have brought a strategic & marketing revolution. Pushed in the corner, every brand is now getting on the digital bandwagon. Technological disruption was long overdue, and seamless implementation will help sustain and grow.

As 2022 begins, corporates across the globe are focused on cultivating digital strategies to pre-empt the markets and augment growth. Another big with the technology led-strategies is the ease of measurability – ROI, brand touch-points data, and swift feedback. It helps the brand to gauge the customer lifetime value and plan accordingly.

Mentioned below are the top five technologies that will significantly impact the Year 22 market. Shall we take a look at the following:


Today, the automation system has permeated into the daily lives seamlessly. Automated vehicles, smart houses, intelligent devices are new essentials for most households. Improving the quality of life, safety, security, and convenience are a few significant pluses for adopting automation. Here to stay, the automation system will be a turning point in day-to-day life and businesses.



As the dependence on Digital business accelerates, every government, industry, and tech user is increasingly facing the threat of data loss. Cybermesh is the next step in ramping up security. The trend is to secure critical data assets outside the conventional infrastructure boundaries and enables the distributed enterprise to deploy and extend protection where it’s most needed. With the advent of new technologies, the cybersecurity teams have to be agile, flexible, and ready to scale up the safety requirement and options.


Increase in Use of Chatbots:

Consumers are keen for quick answers, faster solutions, and prompt results. Hence, the use of chatbots is becoming handier for most brands. Besides the overall cost reduction, chatbots on the website or application make it easier for the customer to resolve common issues without waiting for calls or emails. Moreover, the chatbot’s technology has become so lifelike that customers are unable to understand if it is an agent or a machine communicating on the other side. Moreover, chatbots also help enhance the brand identity and help increase the organization’s retain customers as quick responses and resolutions help customers feel important.


User Experience (UX):

Today, the customers are tech-savvy and aware of all the best tech products and strategies. They expect the user-friendly and smooth functioning of websites and applications. Upcoming market trends will provide a seamless UX and speed and personalization in different brand-owned platforms. Hence, companies must create relatable and reliable content with a seamless and safe browsing experience for their users.


Digital finance to become mainstream

Financial inclusion and cross-border payments are growing along with fast-evolving finance innovations, such as cryptocurrencies. Though monetary bodies are looking closely at the risks and opportunities of cryptocurrency, the fact is that digital currencies are here to stay. As a result, banks, corporates, and governments worldwide are closely watching and assessing as the trend grips the imagination of investors.

FinTech, another trend here to grow, enabled digital payment has been the lifeline of consumers across the classes during the pandemic. The biggest success story of Digital India- the world watched with awe as a small-time retailer in Tier II to the biggest brands in metros dramatically shifted to digital payments.

The year 2022 tech trends will become the priority of each brand looking to grow strategically, reinvent workspace, create a hybrid workforce, and bring about the required transformation.